120-Night Guarantee

Sleepiphany provides its customers with a 120-night guarantee. Try it, change it up, call one of our experts for comfort configuration suggestions. If during this period you choose to return your Sleepiphany mattress, we will refund you the purchase price of your mattress -- we just ask that you first work with us to find a comfort that works for you!

We recommend you sleep on the mattress 30 days to allow your body to adjust to the new mattress while still experimenting with the layers. If after 30 days you need help adjusting your comfort, please contact the Sleepiphany support team.

Unlike other bed-in-the-box companies, we don’t want our mattresses going into a landfill or being recycled. Most donation centers won’t accept mattresses, because that’s gross. Nothing personal, but who wants to sleep on a used mattress or pollute the environment? It isn’t good for anyone! We intentionally designed a system that allows for continuous adjustment to eliminate the need for returns. We don’t believe in disposable beds.

Sleepiphany requires proof of mattress donation and mattress disposal! The receipt can be emailed to us at Sleepiphany Support.