Sleepiphany Mattress

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Our adjustable layered mattress gives you the power to control your comfort and your sleep

Sleepiphany is a dynamic sleep system created to give you total sleep control.

Like your favorite sweatshirt and jeans, Sleepiphany is familiar and comfortable. It has multiple layers, each with their own properties that adjust, combine and integrate allowing for the mattress to morph into what you need. Whether you prefer the Chill, Dream, Flex or Tight layer you are in control.



Adjustable for a perfect fit

Until now, mattress companies defined firm, medium and soft on their terms, not yours. Sleepiphany changes the game. Unzip your Sleepiphany to access five comfort layers. Adjust them to your preference for personalized comfort and the best sleep you’ve ever had.


Exceptional quality & style

Our mattress feels good and looks good too. With its plush top, premium fabrics, and classic denim design, Sleepiphany adds style to your bedroom and your life.


Each Sleepiphany includes

Luxurious and durable outer cover
Inner protective mesh zipper cover
Five interchangeable comfort layers:
  • Chill Layer
  • Flex Layer
  • Tight Layer
  • Dream Layer (x2)



Free shipping & easy returns

If there’s ever an issue our support team can’t resolve, know that we offer free shipping and free returns.


120-night guarantee

Sleepiphany provides its customers with a 120-night guarantee. Try it and change it up.


Sleepiphany support

Need help? Have a question? Our support team is here for you!